Full human genome alignment of over 1 Billion sequences per hour on
one inexpensive computer, including writing SAM text files.
When you have a small organism to align a few sequences to, you can use one of the
many academic sequence alignment tools. But if you don’t want to wait for days to
perform mapping to a human reference, or if you have billions of reads…

Use the sequence alignment system that the professionals use.
Imagenix Sequence Alignment System is used by leading biotechnology companies,
universities, and government research labs. A must-have tool for users of next-gen
sequencers. NIH purchased ISAS (base space) after extensive comparison testing.
Applied Biosystems has repeatedly purchased ISAS (color space) as well as Imagenix
servers for their own use, at three different facilities. Why should you settle for slower
or less accurate mapping software ? "Free" software can consume precious time and
expensive computer resources, hindering important discoveries. Algorithmic shortcuts
or heuristics can corrupt valuable results.

At Imagenix, we're here to help you make discoveries.
We know you have more important things to do than to install computer hardware or
software, and then have to help debug it.  In most cases, our customers are running
their fastq or csfasta files in less than an hour from opening the DVD package. And if
you need any help, our friendly customer support specialists are happy to guide you
step by step over the phone. We are proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority
of our customers have returned to purchase more products from us, and that our new
customers are often referred by their colleagues.
Visit us (booth #40) at NextGen Sequencing Technologies, San Diego