Imagenix Servers are Designed and Made in the U.S.A.
Design and manufacturing are done at our Mountain View offices  and San Jose
workshop, all in the heart of Silicon Valley,  California.  We abide by California's
strictest environmental and labor regulations. The electricity we use is majority
renewable and greenhouse gas-free generated currently, with a target of 100%

Optimized for High Performance BioInformatics Applications
Where files are in the GBytes, not MBytes,  and High Performance cannot stand
sacrifices. Mass produced (IBM, HP, Sun, Dell) servers are usually designed for
web hosting,  email servers,  or similar  "enterprise" applications.  The Imagenix
GenomeCruncher features a quad speed hard disk (4 times faster than normal),
triple  pumped,  low latency RAM  (for 3 times faster streams and 5 times faster
bursts),  and squeezes on average over 150% out of each CPU core using Intel
HyperThreading technology.  Although three times faster than other servers,  the
GenomeCruncher  consumes less  electricity when running, and one quarter as
much when idling. All our servers include preinstallation with CentOS Linux, and
with purchase of ISAS license, preinstalled ISAS software. Your choice of Tower
(desktop) or Rack (for mounting) are available.